Tested and guaranteed to stay on until you want them off!

Addendum Covers are designed to protect your expensive AIDA window stickers. They are car wash proof and will withstand power washing. Removal is easy and Addendum Covers will protect your car dealer’s investment until you are ready to remove them.


Tested and guaranteed to stay on until you want them off!

  • We make this tedious task easy and cheap.
  • We are a friendly and professional group of people with extensive experience in this industry
  • We handle a wide range of automotive and vinyl services
  • Same day shipping on most items
  • We get the job done right — the first time
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  • Will it withstand power washing by professional cleaners?

    Within reason, yes.  If your cleaner goes after the cover with the intent of removing it, 1800psi of water will eventually win.  Under normal cleaning conditions, the cover stays in place and protects the Monroney and addendum sticker.

  • How well do the covers protect in extreme heat and/or cold?

    We have done extensive testing with many vinyl and other products to come to what we use today.  A proprietary adhesive and vinyl that withstands the hottest and coldest days in North America.

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