Most tinters will find the process of installing our covers fairly simple.  But even if your not a professional tinter, with very little practice you will quickly master the installation of our covers.

Watch our installation video and see just how easy perfection can be.


Watch our installation video tutorials and see just how easy perfection can be.

  • Our material is specifically selected and designed for that perfect mix of flexibility and workability.
  • We are the original and patented creators of our product and take great pride in the quality of our product
  • Perfect Watch our video, we teach you how to do it!


  • How hard is it to install the covers?

    Our covers are designed to be the perfect amount of flexibility, thickness and manageability.  While a beginner will need some practice, professional tinters typically do not need more than one try to deliver near perfect result.   On you first order, we include free covers to let you have a few “oops” moments and get past the learning curve.

  • How do I keep track of routine?

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