Door Edge Paint Protection Film

Door Edge Protection Film will protect the painted edge of a vehicle’s doors from chips and weathering. Car door edges are highly susceptible to dings and scuffs. Protect the car’s paint from damage caused by opening doors into walls, guard rails, gas pumps and more. Paint chips and dings can quickly progress, leaving the door surface vulnerable to rust.

The film strip is virtually invisible and will not alter the vehicle’s appearance. It has an OEM approved clear-coat with UV protectors, making it resistant to yellowing and staining. Our Door Edge strips are easily maintained with no special film care required. Just wash and wax the car like you always have before! If necessary, this film strip can be removed with ZERO damage to painted automobile surfaces.

Addendum Covers door edge protectors are applied by hand with no tools required and are virtually invisible while protecting door edges from chips, scratches, and scuffs.

Door Edge Protection Film strips guard the door and keep cars looking new!

Our convenient, unique boxed strip rolls enable your dealership to customize the length of the strip to each vehicle’s specification, eliminating waste and decreasing your cost. Instead of buying the standard pre-cut strips that waste costly film, our boxed rolls allow your installer to determine the length of the film strip for each and every car door. Our boxes are available in single edge rolls, four edge rolls, or twelve edge rolls.

Door Edge Film Available In Multiple Dispensers
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